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Danby Premiere DDR70A1GP Review

Danby Premiere DDR70A1GP Review Dehumidifier Pro

Summary: The Danby Premiere DDR70A1GP is a great air dehumidifier for removing excessive moisture from spaces measuring up to 3,800 square feet. Other consumer model brands may not remove as much of moisture from a larger room as advertised, making this dehumidifier a great choice for bigger homes.



The Danby Premiere DDR70A1GP air dehumidifier, much like other units, removes harmful air pollutants and excessive humidity from the air within the home. This residential dehumidifier is able to extract up to 70 pints of excessive moisture from large spaces on a daily basis.

Thanks to this, this particular brand is well suited for people who need to dehumidify their large basements, rooms and other large areas around the home prone to excessive moisture and air pollutants.

Much like other brands, the Danby Premiere DDR70A1GP has an easy to manage design with a large user-friendly electronic control panel. It’s relatively simple to transport around a home from room to room.

It features built-in carrying handles on each side, in addition to four ‘easy-roll’ caster wheels, enabling a consumer to roll out the unit when they need it.

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Performance and Features

The Danby Premiere DDR70A1GP air dehumidifier is characterized by its ability to extract excessive moisture from rooms extending at least 3,800 square feet.


  • This unit features an automatic defrost feature, shutting off its compressor to defrost when operating in temperatures below 41 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • This unit features an automatic restart feature that restarts the unit in the case of a power outage. It usually resumes operation at the factory default setting of 60 percent humidity.
  • This unit operates relatively quiet, no louder than a general noise level of 55 decibels, the average noise level in a home.

The Danby Premiere DDR70A1GP has three water removal options: its built-in collection bucket, gravity drain hose attachment and an external condensate pump. The condensate pump, however is sold separately.


The Danby Premiere DDR70A1GP operates much like other air dehumidifiers. The fan within the unit sucks air into the dehumidifying coils, causing the component to condensate the moisture. When this happens, the air becomes conditioned and travels through the unit’s vents as dry warm air.

The fan within this unit runs on a continuous basis, meaning that it’s ‘always on’ during regular operation. This may deter to consumers who don’t want to run an air dehumidifier with a continuously running fan. The compressor doesn’t automatically turn off unless the unit’s bucket tank is full or if the unit’s set humidity has been met.

Although the fan continuously runs, this function allows the built-in humidistat to detect increases in the room’s surrounding humidity. The fan forces air to constantly flow throughout the room, preventing the compressor from prematurely turning on.

The unit utilizes a removable air filter that filters various air pollutants, particles and moisture from the surrounding air. Consumers are advised to clean this filter every two weeks. They can clean the air filter using water (dry the filter before placing it back into the unit) or a vacuum cleaner.

The Danby Premiere DDR70A1GP also features a remote thermometer and humidity sensor; the base unit includes one. This allows consumers to monitor the humidity level from a room, like a basement, from a remote location within the home.

The thermometer works with up to three sensors, helping consumers manage a room’s humidity from different locations in the home. Additional sensors must be separately purchased.

Within the user-friendly control interface is an automatic humidity control function. This allows consumers to set their unit to control their desired humidity level from 30 to 90 percent. It automatically adjusts that level in 5 percent increments. The compressor shuts off once the humidity level is reached, while the fan works to evenly distribute the dry air throughout the room.


The Danby Premiere DDR70A1GP dehumidifies air up to 3,800 square feet—even in temperatures as low as 41 degrees. It offers several drainage options for consumers, removing up to 70 pints of moisture per day. It’s also easy for consumers to handle on a daily basis. The auto-defrost feature is incredibly useful for consumers with colder home environments that need dehumidifying.


There’s no condensate pump included in the base model, requiring consumers to separately purchase the peripheral. The hose connection on the unit may not work in some consumer homes. Some consumers may not like the tank’s design, which may be too small to house a significant amount of excessive water. The fan, too, remains in operation on a continuous basis.

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