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DeLonghi DD50P Review

DeLonghi DD50P Review Dehumidifier Pro

Summary: The DeLonghi DD50P air dehumidifier is another unit designed to remove excessive moisture and harmful air pollutants like mold and mildew from the air within a home. The DeLonghi brand, in fact, is known for their relatively good quality air dehumidifiers, designed for people who need a quick solution for the moisture problems within their home.



The DeLonghi DD50P features several built-in functions that help make the operation of the unit ‘much easier’ for regular use. The unit’s built to collect water in three different ways – through its bucket tank, its outfitted pump that allows water to ‘vertically move through its included hose’ and through regular hose drainage for continuous use.

The DeLonghi DD50P has a relatively modest design that won’t disturb the coordination of any room. In addition, its electronic controls sit at the top of the unit, enabling consumers to set the humidity for the unit to control.

It even includes a 24-hour timer. This lets consumers program the DeLonghi DD50P to work in accordance with their set schedule.

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Performance and Features


This unit is characterized by its unique ‘continuous water drainage’ through vertically removing water through its hose. This system allows a consumer to thread the hose through a basement window or a nearby sink.

For some consumers, however, it may be inconvenient if they don’t have an unoccupied window and/or sink to use.

  • The unit features a ‘patented pump’ function that enables the unit to continuously drain excessive moisture without having to clear its included bucket.
  • This unit features a water tank with a water level indicator window, allowing a consumer to see how much water the unit collects.
  • This unit is easy to move around, built with castor wheels and unit characteristic handles that make moving the unit around simpler.

The DeLonghi DD50P features easy to read electronic controls that allow users to choose their ‘desired humidity level’ through adjusting the included humidistat. Users can also set and monitor the room’s temperature and the built-in 24-hour timer.


The DeLonghi DD50P dehumidifier is designed to operate, on a normal or continuous basis, in well ventilated rooms.

This air dehumidifier works much like similar consumer models, a process designed to take air in and expel dry filtered air. The device’s fans draw in air, pushing it through its dehumidifying coils, condensing the air as it flows through. This air later flows through the unit’s vents and back into the room as dry filtered air.

When the unit’s moisture holding tank reaches full capacity, it automatically shuts off, ensuring that the unit’s tank doesn’t overflow. Alternatively, the unit can connect to its continuously draining 16ft hose, This allows the DeLonghi DD50P to drain the collected moisture through a hose threaded through a window or other drainage resource.

Moisture can also ‘passively’ drain through its 3ft hose, in the case of the dehumidifier remaining in close proximity with a drain. Thanks to this, consumers who don’t have an unoccupied drain and/or sink may not get much use from this function.

The power of its intrinsic motor helps drive air around the room it resides in; this is especially great for basements that require a powerful dehumidifier to remove moisture from the air. Although the motor is powerful, the compressor within the unit quietly operates.

The digital display also measures the surrounding air temperature, the running temperature of the compressor’s coil and allows users, as mentioned to set the humidity levels according to percentage. This humidity level can be programmed from 30 percent to 80 percent in increments of five percent.

The DeLonghi DD50P operates in low temperatures, down to at least 41 degrees Fahrenheit.


This air humidifier works for consumers who need a simple to use unit for their home. Consumers have the choice to program the unit to their specifications, allowing the unit to operate according to their desired filtration level. The air filter is also washable, preventing consumers from having to purchase an additional filter for regular use.


The fan only has two speeds – low and high – and isn’t completely quiet when on either speed. The blower’s output is fixed upward, preventing consumers from adjusting the blower in other directions. The unit is prone to leaking when the collection bucket is removed from the unit. This unit isn’t as energy efficient as similarly priced ($300 to $350) units.

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