Reviews SPT SD-71E Dehumidifier with Energy Star, 70-Pint

Published on August 20th, 2014 | by Dehumidifier Pro


SPT SD-71E Dehumidifier with Energy Star 70-Pint Review

SPT SD-71E Dehumidifier with Energy Star 70-Pint Review Dehumidifier Pro

Summary: The SPT SD dehumidifier is one of the best on the market. Simple put!



Living in a humid environment can take its toll both on a physical level but also on a mental level. This can be quite difficult to deal with. The SPT SD-71E Dehumidifier is a tool people can use to decrease the level of humidity in the room or in the house they live in. This particular model of dehumidifier brings quite a lot of new features, which are very useful and welcomed by those that live in such environments.

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The SPT SD dehumidifier reduces the moisture in the air with over 70 pts / day. Compared to other dehumidifiers on the market today, this particular one is very quiet and has a memory, which means that in the case of a power failure, once the power is back, it will start again on the previous settings. Another unique thing about this model is that it does not require the owner to constantly remove the bucket to empty the contents. A hose can be also purchased in order to make removing water easier.

This unit can:

–          Reduce the moister in the air with over 70 pts / day

–          Notify the owner once the bucket is full through a full bucket indicator

–          Be preset 24 hours ahead so as to preserve energy

–          Offer the choice of choosing the humidity level from 35-85% in increments of 5%


Compared to other models of this kind that are on the market today, the SPT SD stands out thanks to the many useful features it offers the owner which make it one of the easiest dehumidifiers to use.

When it comes down to the usability of the device, tests have shown that it is actually capable of operating in different humidity environments, thus making it okay to be used in places from all around the world. The powerful components work smoothly together in order to ensure that moisture is removed from the air efficiently.

What differentiates this particular model from other available dehumidifiers on the market today is the fact that it extracts moisture from the house in a quiet and efficient way, which is perfect for those that suffer from allergies or dust mite. It is also very light in weight considering the fact that it’s a dehumidifier in question, about 40 pounds, so it can easily be moved around the house from one place to another. It also comes with a 2 year warranty, but each part has its own warranty and combined, the full warrant is of 10 years.


–          It’s light in weight, weighting only 40 pounds so it can be moved around easily;

–          If a power failure will occur, the dehumidifier will start again one the power is back on the preset settings;


–          It requires a hose for the drainage, which has to be purchased separately

–          The hose must be taken out very carefully, as there is a high chance of it spilling the water all over the floor, which can become a nuisance from time to time;


The SPT SD dehumidifier is one of the best on the market. The many features it offers its customers, including the full bucket indicator, the IC memory that allows the dehumidifier to go back to its previous settings after the power comes back and the choice of setting the machine to work on 35-85% humidity in increments of 5%. It’s portability along with the fact that it comes at an affordable price makes it much better when compared to other models which are available on the market today.

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